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Full Finder                       Model: 2010
- New product of Sony Company (Japan)
- 2 strong sensors (Magnet- FL1000 and GPR-12Watt)
- Detecting metal objects even by
- 2 penetrating radar systems for underground
- saving 500 images
- Ability of operating in pulse system
- Detecting group of metals and separating soil form metals and mineral
- Detecting new buried metals
- 25m real exploring depth for minerals and 14m for metal objects
- Automatic and manual balance for magnet and GPR Sensor
- 3 D and 1 D processing with system
- It doesn’t need any PC or accessories
- Equipped to strong hard and CPU
- Equipped to webcam
- Displaying depth, volume and length and width of target and 3D screening on the monitor
- 8 hours continuous charge and replacing battery in operation (Dry Cadmium)
- Charging by connecting to car lighter or 12v charger 
- Strong visual eye for best view when using in sunlight
- Persian and English manual instruction
- 2 years Guarantee and 3 years services of KXS Company


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