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Nano-G1000          Model: 2012
- Operating in electromagnetic penetrating radar system with Carbon core conduction (GPR- C)
- Detecting small metals in high depth
- Penetrating power = 250 MHZ
- Ability of movement in any direction
- Online detecting and pinpointing of target
- Linear and Pulse and 3D movement software
- Sending data by Bluetooth system
- Detecting all metals and nonmetal pipes
- Large wheels adjustable for moving on different surfaces
- Touch screen with multilevel software setting and detecting linear and deep targets
- Smart balance
- Real exploring depth 18 m
- 12 hours continuous operating charge
- Moving on rugged surfaces and covering 5m2
- Detecting 10×10cm metal object 2.5m underground detecting nonferrous metals like gold, silver, etc.
- Persian and English manual instruction
- 2 years Guarantee and 5 years services of KXS Company


(new product 2020)

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