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Sony Metal Detectors Company has had significant activities in metal detectors and gold detectors sale fields in different countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Iran, Malaysia, etc. for many years.
This website has been prepared for sale and presentation such systems briefly.
First of all the company’s purpose is satisfaction of customers by high quality of systems.
Short descriptions about Sony Metal Detectors company productions:
Sony metal detectors and gold detectors are able to detect valuable metals like gold, silver, etc. and also can explore holes and empty spaces.
Most productions are Magnetic systems and they explore and detect different targets underground in high depth.
You can achieve your targets by exact research of our products and choosing the proper system.
     Sony Metal Detectors products have been placed in “Product” menu completely including price list.
You can buy your ideal system everywhere in the world. We will send your desired products by different ways.
Sony Products are original and the company offers them with hologram label. Also all products include 2 years guarantee and services.
You can contact with us by this Email address:  [email protected] 
You can check if your system is original in “Check Register” menu.
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